This all started by accident. I was looking for a cost-effective way to bounce back from acne, chronic pain, mood swings, depression, panic attack, and more!
My life was in the garbage can. I prayed to God to help me and I remembered I was taught by my parents and grandparents to "do"! Be cost-effective Debbie is what they would say!!!
God had given me formulas for my own personal health struggles and needs decades ago, but now things were different.  I knew it was time to act!  I finally decided to use those products consistently and see just what they would do for me. How cool is that!

  I created each product listed and  I USE each of them!!! Well, of course, I don't use the products designed just for men🤦🏾‍♀️

I've created a signature blend of herbs and flowers that goes into each of my products to provide a plant-based option trusted by many. This kind of set my products apart from the mainstream herbal products because I am here thriving because of not only what I make, but how I make it.  Everything my family and I use internally and externally is provided by the knowledge that I've been given to create what we need.
You will find medicinal teas, cold-pressed teas, skincare products, hygiene products, oral hygiene care, pain products, sinus and allergy relief, hair growth (Care), and sexual health products listed that I'm sure you will find not only interesting but useful for your overall wellbeing.
I realize you can go anywhere on the worldwide web to shop and I am honored that you are here.
Blessings to you and yours always
May God always keep you well and allow me to help.
Take Care💚

"Make committments that you can keep, small steps are still steps!"


Who We Are

"Debbies's got the tea" is natural, organic and customized because we care about you and your wellbeing.  We work to incorporate love into every product that we produce because it was love that led us to these products!


All of our products are as close to natural as possible.  We only use other than natural products when absolutely necessary.


We intentionally seek to use only organic ingredients in our products because we have your best interest at heart.


Whenever possible, we like to have a short consult with those who choose our products.  It allows us to customize their product to maximize their results.

About Us

We're more than just Tea, we believe in total wellness.  We promote wellness of

Mind, Body and Spirit!



Having a healthy mind full of healthy thoughts is the main ingredient of wellness.


Putting optimal nutrients in your body is only the beginning, you must also nurture the other needs of your body.


Proper care of the spirit will ensure a total healthy lifestyle. Care of the spirit is essential.

Much More Than Just Tea

We also meet needs in these areas.

Tea Parties

Wellness Coaching

Customized Programs

Speaking Engagements

Individual Consultations

Spiritual Enrichment

And Much More...

Tell Us Why You Love Our Products

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