Meet Debbie!

Debbie is a passionate entrepreneur, a social/financial change agent who has dedicated her life to helping others via her wellness products as well as sharing her journey to understanding business.

Before starting Debbie’s Got The Tea, Debbie spent her life feverishly working to bring other people’s dreams to fruition in both the blue collar and white collar world.  Having her life deconstructed by many unfortunate events, she finally decided to channel the same passion and energy she had poured into everyone else and use it to fuel her own quest for purpose.

In addition to managing over 100 employees in corporate America as a health care coordinator, Debbie pursued her education as a pharmacy technician, cosmetologist, and self healing techniques that include music, art and more.

As a pharmacy technician, Debbie struggled with placing medications into the hands of people who had no idea what they were putting into their bodies and decided to educate herself further by researching natural alternatives she would personally use to assist with her own health concerns.

Debbie’s Got The Tea is much more than her amazing healthy tea blends, it is actually an entry point to total wellness of mind, body and soul through individual consultations, encouragement sessions, group, and business seminars, social gatherings, mentor ship programs, Debbie is able to assist others with their desire to become whole!



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